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Increase your place listings' accuracy and organic reach

The Boone Editor is the web dashboard for updating place data, seeing how many eyeballs your own place listings have received, and interacting with your account.

Update, share, and measure your listings from one place

Access to the Boone Editor gives your brand the power to make suggestions and updates to place listings across the Boone data set. Your updates are published in real-time and distributed via the Boone API straight into your app.

Driving organic reach has never been easier

Get more eyeballs on your place listings. Importing your place data into Boone gives them instant distribution across the entire network of Boone customers.

Smart data ingestion

Manage and update your places whenever you want, however you want: via file import, API calls, or via the Boone Editor. Plus you can rely on Boone’s place data intelligence to match, merge, and enhance your listings.

Measure and demonstrate your performance

Show your impact with reach performance data. Show when and on what channels your listings are receiving exposure. And you can filter by listing and date to unearth valuable trends, useful in paid and social campaigns.

We're all on the same team

The Boone Editor is where everyone in the ecosystem comes together to improve place data. Boone's data services, machine learning models, human editors, local businesses, and customers use the same tool every day to enhance place listings from coast to coast.

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