Explorer Integration

Get Boone places into your content without breaking a sweat

The Explorer is a web integration your engineers can add to your code to display Boone place data on your website.

Improve your user experience and achieve marketing objectives

It's effortless to control the location, radius, tags, and number of places that Explorer returns, so you can create the perfect user experience to support the goals of your content.

Two lines of code, millions of awesome places

Create an interactive place data experience on an unlimited number of webpages with tiny code snippets.

Places presented however you'd like

With just a click you can choose whether to display Boone places in an immersive Pinterest-style browsing experience, a longform-style article view, or on an interactive map.

Customize the visual design for your branding

The Explorer is built from the ground up to make it easy to style for your brand needs. Have Boone or your UI engineers create a custom style that makes the Explorer feel branded and native to your site.

The same Boone data and services

Every place, photo, and detail in the Explorer comes via Boone's industry leading data set and APIs.

Ready to get going?

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